The Domineering Chu Feng Analysis

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MGA: Chapter 587 – The Domineering Chu Feng “This is quite an imposing atmosphere. It seems like this guy can really play tricks.” Seeing the powerful might that Chu Feng generated, many people stared at the side with cold eyes and spoke only to scorn. No one believed that Chu Feng’s power was genuine, and instead felt Chu Feng was going to embellish the previous defeat with another one. “Ahh, one cannot escape from the disaster they stirred up themself. He is truly preparing to embarrass the Li family!” And Yuelao who was heavily injured by Mr. Gu just now helplessly shook his head. After personally experiencing his power, he was pretty much sure of Chu Feng’s defeat. *hmm* But just as everyone felt that Chu Feng was putting up false might,…show more content…
When the purple-coloured lights interweaved with the symbols, they formed strange and bright patterns. At the very end, the dozen vortexes transformed into purple-coloured Spirit Formations. “Heavens! That is?!” When everyone saw that, all of their expressions distorted. They were dumbstruck, and their glittering eyes were full of astonishment. All of them were quite extraordinary people, so they could all tell what Chu Feng created were all purple-coloured Spirit Formations. Moreover, it was a dozen purple-coloured Spirit Formations. Chu Feng, the person only in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, actually grasped purple-coloured Spirit Formation power as well. “How is this possible? Can it be that he’s a Purple-cloak World Spiritist?!” At that instant, many people who disliked Chu Feng were stupefied thoroughly by the scene in front of their eyes because they really did not dare to believe that Chu Feng was also a Purple-cloak World Spiritist. “Lord Benefactor Wuqing is…show more content…
Gu immediately paled, but, he was not afraid. Rather, he howled at the sky with strong bloodlust. He overlaid his palms, throwing out a very special hand seal. When that hand seal was completed, the earth underneath his feet also violently trembled. Countless cracks appeared, and at the end, the earth started to shatter and rise into the air. “This horrifying power… Could it be that he wants to pour all he has, and is betting everything on this single strike?” Seeing the environmental change caused by Mr. Gu, Yuelao couldn’t help inhaling a breath of cool air. He, also a World Spiritist, seemed to have a premonition. “Haa!” Indeed, when the power in Mr. Gu’s body accumulated to a certain degree, he suddenly roared at the sky. Then, boundless purple-coloured Spirit Formation power, like a volcano erupting, started to burst out of his body. The purple-coloured Spirit Formation power rose into the sky and was exceptionally grand, but the most shocking thing was that the boundless power started to gather together, and formed a large snake that touched the

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