The Dangers Of Death In Steve Job's Life

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Steve Jobs was not the only person that was put up against a difficultly point in his life. Many people go through life without a care and never stop to notice how beautiful it is to actually be alive. Very few people give thanks and appreciate their lives and opportunities until you are put up close against death. It is important to stop being so caught up with our problems and struggles, instead we must keep our heads up and notice how beautiful this world is and how lucky we are to be apart of it. It is a shame that we don’t notice how great life is and how we never stop to think about the amazing things going on around us because we are caught up in our own worlds. Death is a very unique thing that everybody is going to face one day or another. The only difference is that we don’t know when or how because that is simply everyones fate. One thing that has always shocked me is that everyone around me seems to be afraid of it but no one ever talks about it. Luckily for me, My mother has always given me wisdom and expresses that when its your time, everything will be planned and no one can change those events. No one should be afraid of death, we should all be happy and live our lives as if…show more content…
Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there.” It seems as if religion always pushes you to believe that once you die you will be happy and reunited with whoever you believe in, yet no one mentions the fact that to get there your life must end. I also agree with the statement he shares about how no one can escape death, in my opinion that is the plain truth because like my mother always taught me, it is all planed out. The only thing I disagreed with is when he said “ It clears out the old to make way for the new” because that is not true. In a sense it is because it is more common for older people to pass than for young people, but what about everyone we have lost that isn’t old

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