The Dance In Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl

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Introduction Jerry Spinelli’s book Stargirl is a young adult literature novel, which conveys the story about Stargirl, an unusual, unique girl who arrives at a new school called Mica High School. I chose to visualize the scene in the book where Stargirl goes to the school dance and takes over the dance, while leading the whole school but, Hillari in the Bunny Hop. Hillari is very angry and has had enough of Stargirl when they get back from doing the Bunny Hop Hillari goes over to Stargirl and slaps her across the face, while Stargirl just simply kisses her on the cheek back. Shot #1: In this establishing shot, eye level angle creates the visual that the audience is going to the school dance as well. In the story Stargirl arrives to the dance alone and in a “rich yellow, as if pressed…show more content…
In this scene Hillari yelled at Stargirl “you ruin everything” showing her hate for Stargirl and everything Stargirl does. The two shot shows the tension between the two girls while being able to see both of them equally. Shot #8: Non diegetic sound and two shot/medium shot work together in order to make the audience anticipate what will come next. In the shot Hillari walks up to Stargirl and “slapped her” anticipation builds as everyone waits to see what Stargirl would do to retaliate. Non diegetic sound enables the tension to rise and the shots show the two girls up close so the audience would feel like they were at the dance. Shot #9: In this final and last shot high key lighting shows a change in the mood between Stargirl and Hillari. In this shot everyone is waiting on Stargirl to hit Hillari back except for “Stargirl kissed her gently on the cheeks”. This effectively portrays the confusing mood from this scene by making the setting appear strange, causing the audience’s imagination to run wild with thoughts of what could between Stargirl and Hillari.

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