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Attending and observing an African American church was very interesting and engaging. Growing up as a child I attended a mostly African American Methodist church and visited many other African American churches with my family. I really never notice the many characteristics of African American church worship service because I was around it for so long it was second nature. That is until visiting two churches and while there, analyzing and observing the worship service and how the congregation worshiped together. The ninth street Baptist missionary church in Lawrence Kansas, worship service was one of the most interesting worship services I’ve witnessed. Before walking in the sanctuary I was given a service pamphlet, which had the name of the…show more content…
After the tithing preceded a choir from the University of Kansas then performed another gospel song. After their performance the main pastor of the church stood up and when to the podium and began his sermon. The pastor preached as if he was a teacher. Personally, I thought the pastor was a very good speaker and teacher. He was very engaging and could relate to his audience through testimonies and stories and touched on many topics. The preacher taught that you couldn’t get through life without God. He spoke briefly on stories in which he and others he knew and how they wouldn’t have made it out successful without God. I believe the pastor tells these stories to give the congregation a sense of faith and hope. The preacher then switched up the lesson and spoke about praying for one another and how powerful but simple a prayer can be. The preacher even said that telling someone you’ll pray for him or her and not doing so is still powerful because it gives the other person faith. After he touched on the subject of praying he then spoke of the importance of spreading the word of god and encouraging others to

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