Persuasive Speech About Paintball

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Money Problems Do you know what is going on outside of our beautiful country. War, pain ,suffering. The people who have to deal with that are also protecting you. Yet they are paid less than almost any sport on earth. This inequality will end, Right NOW. Alright so the sport I will be comparing payments with is an average pro paintball player. I chose paintball because that's just the sport I am most familiar with. So the average paintball pro player makes approximately $20,000 a year as stated on . That's just an average player with no side job or sponsorships. Let's take a look at Oliver Lang,arguably the best paintball player on earth,. He makes around $100,000 a year and some, according to The way he gets so much is the fact that he does an absolute ton of paintball clinics and workshops(Places that Help people get better at the sport). Also he is sponsored by the top leading companies in the sport. So yeah he is like the only paintballer on earth who can actually live off paintball. Now let's look at the stars of the show, the army privates. I understand that higher ranks earn more, but privates still put their own lives at risk. An army private makes approximately $18,378 a year, according to…show more content…
$18,378 is nowhere near enough to support a family or even yourself. Think about that a second. Some soldiers are even homeless. Also the most common injury is amputation. THere are over 1,500 amputees a year ,according to Also amputations could cost up to $100,000. Also think about if they are injured they have to pay hospital bills which could range anywhere from $90,000 to $100,000 every visit, according to So yeah can you see the

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