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The Barbarian’s triggered the fall of the Rome The Roman Empire was one the most popular empire in the world, which is why its fall was very significant to the world and that the Barbarians have a big part on triggering the Empires fall. The Barbarians and its tribes had triggered the fall of the Roman Empire by having the 5 barbarian tribe’s hate, feeling betrayed, and by destroying and taking over parts of the Roman Empire. The Barbarians have become very significant due to destroying the Roman Empire. The Barbarians are a group of people or a community of uncivilized people. The Barbarians have tribes that does not always agree with each other. The barbarian’s tribes often fight each but they are very strong if they come together. They are people who are not really liked by the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire did not treat the Barbarian tribes very well, the citizens of the Empire look at the Barbarians as outcast, and uneducated. The Empire’s view on the Empire would later on cause the tribes to take over parts of the Roman Empire. There was a big hate on the Roman Empire from the Barbarians. Their hate came from a lot of the Roman Empires attitude and false beliefs towards them. The citizens of the Roman Empire think that barbarians are stupid and that they don’t belong to their empire. This is one thing that made the…show more content…
The Empire knew that the Barbarian tribes all together are very strong. The Roman Empire decided that they need to destroy the Barbarians which is why an Emperor the Roman Empire had the idea to cooperate with one of the Barbarian tribe to destroy the 4 other tribes. The betrayal came upon when the Roman Empire did not have any of what they promised to give to the Barbarian tribe. The Barbarians felt betrayed and now they are ready to destroy the Roman

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