How Does Shakespeare Present Claudius's Death In Hamlet

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The beginning of the disastrous play starts with Claudius' killing King Hamlet and ending with the terrible death of each major character within the play. Many reasons have been proposed for the explainable disaster, which happens at the end of the play. It will be vied in this article, that anger is the reason for the all of the disasters in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Claudius' killing of his family, is the first deadly show of emotional instability in the story and it becomes a pattern through the entire poem that affects most of the characters. Killing one's sibling so that they can wed the dead brother’s wife, is not the normal behavior for a civil individual. After the king's passing, Claudius and Gertrude became married within a time period…show more content…
Claudius is in charge of the passing of the ruler, Hamlet's dad, and he adds to the passing of Gertrude and Hamlet. His plans set into action to where the finished result is the death of Polonius, Laertes, and Ophelia. He is also in a roundabout way, in charge of the death of these characters. Hamlet keeps his composure and refused to show Claudius any signs of his…show more content…
To further guarantee that Hamlet will be killed, Claudius plans on offering Hamlet wine that is also poisoned. Hamlet never drinks this wine. However, Gertrude drinks it to celebrate Hamlet's accomplishment in the fight and Claudius himself is also harmed by it. The sword fight in which Hamlet was supposed to be killed in ends with the death of Hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude, and Laertes in the same act. Ophelia's fear is brought on by the moves of different characters in the story. Her dad tells her to stay far from Hamlet, whom she likes very much. Hamlet tricks her, advising her that he doesn't want to be with her. After this, her dad, Laertes is killed by her previous partner, Hamlet. At that point Hamlet is sent to England. The combination of problems made this girl become

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