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How Barbaric were the Barbarians? The mongols were a very barbaric fighting force. Through all of the time that they ruled there was no other army alike to try to compete with the mongols. The mongols would go through wherever they were going and demolish and conquer whatever was around. At that time in the thirteenth century the mongols had conquered most of the world. “The mongol warriors swept across asia the middle east and eastern europe. Their reach extended from korea to poland and from vietnam to syria. Nothing like it has been seen since”(How barbaric were the barbarians). Genghis khan set his eyes on the chin army and took down many of the chinese cities at that current time. The streets were greasy with human fat and flesh in the chinese capital. The mongols battle techniques and how they would take over cities. Through the cities they would take over they would capture men and make them fight for their army. They’d would put them in the front line and make them take all of the initial hits from the force they are attacking. Something else they did was surround the area that they are attacking and trap everybody inside the area that they were attacking and brutally slay everyone not in their army. Unless they would surrender which wouldn’t end well most of the time unless you were an artisan which in that case they would keep…show more content…
On 2 raids in russia in two cities they left behind such few survivors that they wouldn’t even have an exact number. And the other raid there were no survivors they killed everybody in side the city. In an attack in persia they killed 1,747,000 people beheaded all of the dead and put them into piles separating the men women and children. That's more than double the population of Austin,tx dead and thrown into piles of just heads. The mongols were so brutal that in their attacks they would even kill the cats and dogs that were around because they were not worthy to live.(document

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