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The ankh is known as the key of life and it means 'life' for the Egyptian heiroglyphics. The ankh's general meaning means 'eternal life'. The ankh represents life and death, male and female and balance. The ankh can also represent a zest for life, joy and energy. Hathor carried the ankh and was associated with the zest for life and was also a goddess of death. In ancient Egypt, the ankh means life. In Latin the ankh stood for crux ansata, meaning cross with a handle. Egyptians hold the ankh by the loop or hold two in each hand by the cross part itself. The ankh was adopted in the 1960's by New Age mysticism. The ankh's origin remains a mystery, but it was used as the belt buckle on Iris, a mother Goddess of Egypt. It is found on mostly all tombs, painting's and other art throughout Egypt. In some images of either a God or a Goddess, the ankh will appear at their fingertips. The Ankh is either carried or worn as a symbol of strength or health.…show more content…
Today, the ankh is used an associated symbol for the planet Venus because the Goddess Venus (or Aphrodite) was worshipped on the island. It was used as a staff sign in ancient Egypt and was used as a heiroglyph to represent reproduction and a sexual union. The ankh was also sometimes called the Key of the Nile. The ankh had been found in Peru and was used by the Mochica culture. To Egyptologists, the actual origin of the symbol remains a mystery. While some believe that the ankh represents eternal life, other believe that the ankh represents the sun that follows the path from east to west, a person who has style or a combination of male and

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