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The protagonist in "A Clockwork Orange" is characterized through many aspects of the story. The young protagonist in the story is Alex. Through the dialogue used by the characters and the language used in the narrative, music, and other aspects of the culture of the characters, Alex's character is developed. Alex's character is also influenced by other characters. The protagonist and narrator Alex, speaks in Nadsat slang which is used by the modern youth in the boo and also formal English. Alex calls formal English "his gentlemanly goloss". The Nadsat slang was developed and used by teens and formal English is used by adults. The spoken language generally divides opposing types of characters, such as the young and the old, the violent and the peaceful, the helpless children and the oppressive authorities. Alex is able to speak in both dialects, switching between them throughout the book. This signifies that he belongs to both worlds or, at least, that he is capable of transitioning eventually to the adult world. Beverages also characterize Alex. The nadsat-speaking teenagers all drink milk, a beverage for…show more content…
Other characters such as Dim and Dr. Brodsky are completely ignorant of it. Because of Alex's expansive knowledge and passion about music he is characterized as an intelligent and somewhat civil character, contributing to the reasons why he is the protagonist of the story. What brings Alex pleasure also characterizes him. Ultra violence, beatings, robbery, and even blood bring Alex pleasure. An example of this is when Alex and his friends break into a home where they beat up a husband and his wife and brutally rape her. Alex's narrative of this expresses huge amounts of pleasure from this act of ultra violence. Through Alex's narrative of expressing how much pleasure all these things bring him, he is characterized as a criminal and extremely

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