Why Water For Elephants Should Be Banned

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According to circusesandsideshows.com, it is harder to get accepted to the Ringling Brothers Clown School, than Harvard Law School. On the other hand the circus business wasn’t always difficult to enter. In the depression era anyone could, which meant that many questionable people often did. Water for Elephants captures those offsetting people, and sheds light on them, which makes for some graphic material. Many people have questioned or challenged the content. However, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, should not be banned to anyone no matter their age. The banning and challenging of books are two very different things. The website ala.org conveys that, “A challenge is an attempt to remove or restrict materials”. This means that the book's content has been questioned, and is wished to be removed from the place of questioning. Ala.org…show more content…
As a matter a fact, there are laws in place protecting the right to read whatever materials you please, so wouldn’t withholding those materials be violating the potential readers law-given right to read that book? No matter how ill-suited someone may find Water for Elephants, it is unjust to not allow a person to read a book they desire to read. Not to mention, if a parent does not wish their child to read Water for Elephants they can restrict that material. A group of parents should not make that decision for every person that goes to that school, but the parents can restrict their own children from reading the novel. Challenging should be expected because of the extreme adult content, but that does not mean that the materials should be banned. Challenging often times cannot be avoided, but banning should be avoided at all costs. Water for Elephants, or any other challenged materials, should not be banned no matter the reasoning, for everyone has laws protecting their right to read whatever they would

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