Carmen Winstead Urban Legend

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an urban legend is “an often lurid story or anecdote that is based on hearsay and widely circulated as true.” Urban legends tend to have minimal evidence of where the story originally began making them seem more mysterious and eerie. However, even without evidence many individuals are still able to spread these stories like wildfire. Technological advancement is one of the varying new ways that people are able to circulate these stories faster and further, such as the urban legend of Carmen Winstead. Carmen Winstead is supposedly a girl that was pushed down into a sewer by five of her ex-best friends. This ended up leading to a MySpace message that was telling the girls to tell the truth about what they had done or they will face the consequences. Although since the five girls did not do what they were told they all ended up dying off one by one. The legend says that they all died in the…show more content…
This seems to have been a successful urban legend if people actually believed the message enough to pass it onward. However, due to it being passed on many times the story can lose and gain bits and pieces. Just like Hamblin saying that spinach does not really have as much iron as people think, and that it was a decimal error. Hamblin heard from somewhere that the iron levels in spinach that everyone thought was true was actually false due to small miscalculation. Therefore, he started spreading this around to others, but when asked where he initially discovered this he could not recall. He knew he heard it from somewhere, but he just forgot the exact origin. A man named Sutton then researched this idea and detected that Hamblin might have gotten it from a man named Bender. The only problem is that Bender simply made a maybe statement, but Hamblin made it into an assertive one

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