The Affair At Coulter's Notch Essay

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Dirty Work o Have you ever made a decision that affected someone’s life? A story by the name of “The Affair at Coulter’s Notch,” gives a very impressive perspective of decision making. It was written by Ambrose Bierce. The main characters are General and Captain Coulter. In this story a federal army attacks a confederate army that is retreating. This leaves soldiers and families killed which was a decision made by the general. Turns out Captain Coulter was severely affected. I believe the general knew exactly what he was doing when he suggested Captain Coulter to fight. o To start off with, Coulter was the one they made do their dirty work. They looked down upon him. For instance, Colonel said, “Coulter would like to put a gun anywhere within…show more content…
There is something strange about that. “Did you observe Coulter’s damned reluctance to obey others?” The General made that statement. This makes me think well maybe they knew Captain was somehow friendly associated with the enemies. Obviously, he knew what side Coulter was on but he still chose to make Coulter fight against the enemies. o Lastly, it’s quite mysterious to know how Colonel didn’t know about Coulter, but everyone else did. The General asked, “Do you happen to know that Captain Coulter is from the South?” Colonel seemed to be surprised at the information he had received. Still General is guilty. Why wasn’t he the one to tell Colonel as soon as he found out? He had known since the Summer before. o This story was a very good short story. I’m convinced the general sort of set the whole thing up. First, he joked about Coulter putting weapons within reach of the enemies. Even though he knew that Coulter was from the south, he instructed him to go fight and go to the house where the weapons were. Then, he noticed the way Captain Coulter responded to the orders. When he told Colonel and the way he spilled the tea about Coulter was a way of him playing

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