The Abolishment Of Slavery In Mexico

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During the period of the 1840s century the United States virtually doubled its territory. Texas was annexed, the Oregon country secured after a dispute with the English, California was occupied, and the Southwestern territories where taken from Mexico by war. Americans who gloried in the fulfillment of the manifest destiny of their nation, the years to come were disheartening because of the fact that the expansion reopened the slavery controversy in a violent way that the civil war was necessary to resolve the conflict between the sections. The abolishment of slavery in Mexico had a huge impact on the whole debate over slavery given the fact that when the States to over the land, slave trade was now legal, and this caused as mention problem,…show more content…
By the year 1820 American pioneers established many frontier settlements as far west as the Mississippi River. In the 1830’s the Westward movement had pushed the frontier across the Mississippi, into Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and eastern Texas. The land beyond called the Great Plains, was dry and treeless, and seemed to be poor, but the explorers, traders, and the ones, who had journeyed farther west, said to the people that rich farmland and forests were waiting for them beyond the Rocky Mountains. This lead to a long journey for a large numbers of pioneers, their goal was to get to the Great Plains far to the west. This little lie, led to settlement in Utah in the year 1847. The settlers were the…show more content…
It all started in Texas the year 1835, when the American settlers staged a revolt against the Mexican Rule. The year 1836 the settlers proclaimed Texas an independent republic, but they also requested the United States statehood. Nine years later, the United Stated then annexed Texas and made it a American state. The year to come the Stated gained more land due to the Mexican war from 1846-1848. The war was fought between the United Stated and Mexico, the reason for the war came to reality due to a number of disagreements, one of them the including territorial disputes. The treaty that ended the war gave the States a massive part of land from Texas wet to the Pacific and north to Oregon. The last piece of earth were purchased from the Mexicans in the year 1853, the purchase is also known as the Gadsden purchase, in the particular purchased America bought the strip of land that makes up the southern edge of Arizona and New Mexico. The States now owned all the territory of its present states expect Alaska (purchased from Russian the year 1867 and Hawaii (which was annexed the year

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