Thabo Sefolosha Case Analysis

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Zero. That number raises eyebrows when you realize that there have been zero officers convicted of the crime of killing a black person in the line of duty in 2014. There have been 21 questionable, unique cases that have involved the death of a person of color that officers did not receive punishments for. These are only the cases that were brought to everyone’s attention by the media. Everyone should receive a punishment for their crimes. For some reason, police officers are not held accountable for their actions. This is a common reoccurence that is seen throughout the country. It is not only when an officer murders an innocent person, but it’s in all cases where a police officer’s power is abused and the events that happen are unfathomable.…show more content…
There was an altercation where it took six police officers to hold him down when he was not resisting the officers. One of the police officers hit him with a baton after he was forced on the ground. Thabo did not give the police reason to do this, he was just near a scene where a friend was stabbed and just wanted to know what was going on. The injury from the baton costed him a chance to help his team succeed in the playoffs. This is a small case that is not really considered and was pushed under the rug. How can the NYPD get away with something like this? The officers received no punishment when they filed a false report saying that Thabo charged the officers. but were proved wrong by eye witnesses. The abuse of power by these officers are inexcusable. They could’ve almost costed someone’s livelihood, but still succeeded in altering someone’s life in a significant way. This was an unfortunate event, but officers of the law have gotten away with much…show more content…
Ezell Ford was an African-American male who had mental problems. The officers involved in this case were completely aware of this problem. This man was tackled onto the floor and shot in the back multiple times when he was confused as to why the officers were yelling at him. His hands were already handcuffed, so there was no way that this man was a threat to the officers. Ford did not deserve this, his whole family now has to suffer because of this tragedy that took place. The officers that were involved have not received a punishment for the killing of this man. Ford was defenseless against the police officers and was never in the right mental state of mind. An incident like this can really happen to

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