Argumentative Essay: The Problem Of Evil

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The problem of evil has been debated a great deal through different mediums and is the greatest obstacle in the belief of the God. People’s faith in God is blemished when things like suffering and natural disasters are frequent and common. Events like the holocaust or Hiroshima are just examples of situations that have lead to severe amounts of evil and suffering. The Problem of Evil stems from the idea as to why evil exists if a deity who is omnibenevolent, omnipotent and omniscient exists. The argument claims that such a situation cannot exist logically if a being that has the power to abolish it exists. The Problem of evil presents complications for different people. Religions are unable to produce a single reason as to why evil exists, this allows atheists to hinder…show more content…
Within evil, there are both human and natural evil, human evil covers willful acts of humans where as natural evil involves natural disasters not controlled by humans. Many argue that natural evil was necessary for us to even exist and is therefore more largely accepted because if the dinosaurs were not made extinct, we would have not had the chance to live. This then means that certain natural evil was needed for us to survive and consequently is needed for the greater good. People and religions use the notion that, to appreciate many things in life we need to experience evil, in order to experience beauty one requires pain; in order to appreciate life we must feel discomfort. Religions also believe this and that certain evil and suffering is required in order to shape a person’s character and to become one with God, solidifying their belief and faith. Yet again, in the eyes of religion suffering must take place in order for good to be truly appreciated. Therefore some evil is needed for certain kinds of good, but this is mainly down to what the individual sees and

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