Personal Narrative: I Was Born A Premature Baby

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You probably guessed already that I was born a premature baby. I honestly didn’t even know I was premature until about 2 years ago. I had to find out through my own friend at that. I think we were having a conversation about premature babies one day and she was like ‘’you were premature weren’t you’’. I responded with ‘’ not that I know of’’. And she said ‘’I think I remember your mom telling me that you were premature’’. And all I could say was ‘’really’’ because it really shocked me that I had to find out through my friend that I was born prematurely. So I think I went to her the next day and asked her about it. I asked my dad about it also and he basically told me the same thing that she did. She told me that I was born 2 months earlier than what I was supposed to…show more content…
She told me that I was supposed to be born in February of 1997 but instead I was born on December 13th of 1996. I had to stay in the hospital for a while she said. I spent Christmas and all in that hospital. I’m not really sure on exactly when I was able to go home but I am thankful that I did stay in that long because I was able to go home a healthy baby. It really had me thinking about what could have happened and what if something went wrong. But then I realized that I’m here now so there is no need to think about the ‘’what ifs’’ and really just be glad that I made it. Surprisingly I wasn’t born with any of the problems I listed before. Due to be being born so early you would think that I would come out with at least one of the problems that I listed. But I didn’t, the only thing I had was a hernia and I believe that is common in any baby that is born. I didn’t come out with anything serious and I just thank god that I didn’t. Most people look at me crazy when I tell them that I was born prematurely because of how big I am I

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