Textual Analysis Of The Conjuring

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Elements such as the fog, the leafless tree, a lonely house, and the black text from the movie poster for the film The Conjuring are all intended to persuade those contemplating going to watch the movie. The intended audience of the poster is avid horror movie watchers. The initial element to which the eye is drawn is the title of the movie itself, and the fact that it is in letters of the color black. To begin, the black letters of the title make it stand out from the clouds in the background. The color itself is known to have a negative connotation, and it correlates with tones such as fear, mystery, and death. Furthermore, combining the meaning of the title, to bring something about unexpectedly, and the black letters the audience can assume, if they did not already know, that the film is of the horror genre. Moving on, below the title the reader is informed the foundation of the movie is ‘the true case files of the Warren family.’ Stating this fact is a tactic used to further persuade people into going to watch the movie. This is so because knowing that the plot was based on true events adds an extra thrill and excitement to the film. Even without knowing who the Warrens are having stated the word “cases” makes them appear official or important.…show more content…
It is utilized as a form of persuasion because if the films named had been unknown or unsuccessful it would not have had the same effect. Even if a viewer was to be unfamiliar with the films, like with the mention of the Warrens, there could be an assumption made that the movies were of high ratings or else there would be no mention of them. Having the titles in bold gives them an added effect, making them stand out will ensure that viewers will read the titles, if not the whole line, and know to relate them to the film the poster is

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