Low Voter Turnout Essay

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With all that being said, voter turnout in the United States remains low. Six of the many reasons behind why voter turnout is usually low are firstly, people may have other commitments. These people are either at work during voting hours, ill, disabled, or have family emergencies to deal with at the same time. Voters who fall under that category are not necessarily ones who want to vote but could not, but sometimes are voters who use these commitments as an excuse not to vote. The second reason is difficulty of registration. Unlike other democratic countries who place the burden of registration on the government, the responsibility in the United States is placed on the individuals themselves, making the cost of registering to vote higher there than in other industrialized democracies. Difficulty of absentee voting is a third…show more content…
Number of elections is another reason behind low voter turnout. America’s system has separate elections at local, state and national levels and use of primary elections to select a candidate. Due to the number and frequency of elections being relatively high, it is usual for even the most active political participants to skip part of the electoral process from time to time. The fifth reason that results in low voter turnout is voter attitudes. Voter attitudes differs from time to time. Citizens may be alienated or simply uninterested in the issues being raised by candidates. Citizens may also be disinterested if the quality of campaigning is low. The final reason is that political parties are not as effective in mobilizing voters and ensuring their involvement, registration and getting to polls as they once were. The expanding party bureaucracies seen today are making people identify strongly with them than with other political

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