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Shyima Hall, Mark Abend, and Teresa are the three best characters in Hidden Girl by Shyima Hall and Lisa Wysocky because of their perseverance and courage, generosity and ongoing kindness respectively. Shyima Hall is the character I admire most because of her enormous bravery through arduous times. Shyima was imprisoned as a slave for multiple years of her life against her consent. She pushed through and overcame these hardships showing her amazing perseverance and courage. Mark Abend is also an inspiring character because of the way he always wanted to help others. He was a part of the group who helped save Shyima, and then he helped her get a good foster family and citizenship later on in her life. He did all of this without pushing Shyima to far though. He made…show more content…
Teresa is an exceptional character because of her love and kindness towards Shyima. Even though Shyima wasn’t her daughter or even her foster daughter she opened up the doors of her home with loving arms to Shyima. She always made sure Shyima had what she needed, and really became the mother figure to her. This kindness Teresa had prevailed throughout the book. These characters are people everyone should aspire to be because they have such great qualities in their personalities. Being courageous, generous, and kind will make anyone a better person. Shyima’s troubled childhood led her to writing an inspiring book. Shyima was recalling her capture in Egypt when this quote was said. Throughout the book she talk about how she doesn’t remember everything clearly but some things did. “When we are young, it often is the

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