How Did Archduke Franz Ferdinand Cause Ww1

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The accusations following the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Austria-Hungary criticized Serbia for this killing. Causing a rapid chain of events between the European Nations. Leading to a European conflict which soon turned into a “World War”. A gruesome war resulting in over 37 million deaths and injuries and vast amounts of destructions. ******** It was when a Serbian nationalist terrorist group, wanted the Austria-Hungary Empire out of Bosnia, the group was going by the name Black Hand. They had issued seven young assassins who had been trained in bomb throwing and marksmanship, they were stationed along the route of the Archduke's Vehicle. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie were shot to death by a man…show more content…
Serbia undoubtedly rejects this, and causes the fragile peace between the European Nations to shatter. Austria furiously demands the mobilization of their army, furthermore this provokes Serbia to order mobilization, Russia attempts to intervene to stop the brink a of war but fails, Austria seeks assurance from Germany to step in on its behalf and Germany imprudently grants Austria with a blank cheque, Austria now confidently declares war on Serbia on July 28, 1914. The German Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg sends Russia an ultimatum to prevent war but is merely ignored, Bethmann Hollweg persuades Britain to stay neutral but fails. Tsar gives orders to mobilize the entire Russian army, in response to Austria declaring war on Serbia. France and Germany order mobilization because of great tension between the two countries. Germany declares war against Russia in response to Russian mobilisations. Germany begins the invasion of Luxembourg and declares war against France, and invades Belgium. It is now war on two fronts, against Russia and France. Britain and its monumental empire declares war on Germany, this is one of biggest decisions that is seen as a start to world

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