Children Exposed To Domestic Violence Essay

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Children exposed to domestic violence. Studies prove that each year 3-4 million children in the United States between the ages of three and seventeen are at risk of being exposed to domestic violence (The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children, 2008). Witnessing domestic violence can consist of a few different elements. Those elements include being aware, observing, hearing, and actually seeing the abuse occur. Children are aware when there is tension in the home or when something is wrong. Children also observe many things which occurred before or after the disturbance for example, bruises, blood, broken items, etc. They are also able to hear things like curse words or threats made from another rooms. Lastly and what I think is the saddest because they learn from what they see. Children witness the violence by actually seeing it occur with their own two eyes (Helping Children Exposed to Domestic Violence, 2013). Witnessing any type of abuse can take a toll on any one personally. However it is worse for children to witness the abuse due to causes of long and short term affects it could have on them (Children and Domestic Violence, n.d.). Impacts on…show more content…
One symptom is sleep difficulties. Children who have witnessed violence struggle with the fear of falling asleep, frequently wake up during the night and nightmares (Symptoms Of Witnessing Violence, 2013). There is also an increase in angry outburst and aggressive behaviors. Withdrawal and distractibility are also symptoms of children experiencing or witnessing domestic violence. They often show a loss of interest in friends, school, and other activities they used to enjoy and have trouble concentrating at school and home (Symptoms Of Witnessing Violence, 2013). Exposure to domestic violence can also lead to the child not being bothered by anything or not showing any feelings at all (Symptoms Of Witnessing Violence,

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