Tension In The Last Of The Mohicans

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The scenes in “The Last of the Mohicans” illustrates the tension among the British, French, and colonists in the 18th century in pre-revolutionary America. The British are fighting the French for territory, as Native Americans side with both sides. The colonists are stuck in the middle of this conflict. For instance, Cameron’s farm is ambushed, causing the causalities of many colonial residents. Hawkeye and Uncas realize that nothing was stolen from the camp, indicating that a war party ambushed the location, specially to locate colonists. Hawkeye attempts to deliver the news of what occurred on Cameron’s farm, but to the disinterest of Colonel Monroe. Duncan states that it was simply a robbery. Monroe states the the militia will stay, due…show more content…
The British marched to Fort Henry whilst making noise in the background. The Huron war party hide in the shadows, waiting to promptly attack. The also ride in horses, despite the fact that the footprints of horses can be immediately traced back to them, thus allowing individuals to track them. The British attack with their weapons, but the Huron war party moves with precision as they fight the British, gracefully dodging their attacks whilst attacking the enemy. It is seen that another gun is handed to a soldier once his has run out of bullets, representing the limitations of the firearms in the 18th century. While at the fort, Monroe proclaims that the French are digging trenches close to the fort in order for the bombardment of mortars at the fort. Monroe doesn’t ask for General Webb’s assistance until the last possible second. Furthermore, the French are shown to be more innovative in terms of weaponry. Eventually, the fort becomes overrun by the French; Montcalm asks for Monroe’s surrender. Monroe only surrenders on his own terms when he discovers that Webb will not provide aid to Monroe’s militia. Knowing that the French can provide aid to his soldiers, Monroe admits defeat, allowing the French to take control of Fort William

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