Ted Bundy: The Story Of A Serial Killer On A Killing Spree

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ed Bundy – The Story of a Serial Killer on a Killing Spree Released in 2002, Ted Bundy is a crime drama movie directed by Matthew Bright. The movie showcases the story of a very handsome, quick witted and intelligent young man Ted Bundy (played by Michael Reilly Bruke) who develops a taste for murder that ultimately takes the lives of at least 19 women. The movie shot in the beautiful locations of Seattle, Washington, showcases a law student Ted Bundy; who appears to be a friendly, decent guy engaged to a beautiful girl, Lee (played by Boti Bliss). No one knows that beneath his friendly smile lies a mentally sick beast, not even his fiancée. His habit of secretly watching young women while masturbating takes on a hideous turn when he finally…show more content…
By faking a broken bone an illness or by disguising himself as a cop, he manages to attract young women to his car. He then knocks them unconscious by hitting them hard with a tool, tie them up and driving them to an arranged location, where he kills his victims after raping them. Ted uses a yellow Volkswagen Beetle to drive his victims. The psychopath serial killer leaves a bloody trail for the police who seem to have no clue of the serial killings taking place in the city. The story takes an interesting turn, when one of his victims, a young woman named Tina Gabler manages to escape by throwing herself out of Ted’s car. She then approaches the police and gives them information about Ted’s car. Based on the information, she gave to the cops, the police finally arrests Ted. The cops find a trunk in Ted’s car containing knives, handcuffs, ropes and pantyhose masks. Though Tina identifies him, Ted denies all charges and insists he’s innocent. When his fiancé visits him, he admits to the charges against him for multiple murders, but insists on the fact that the police doesn’t have any evidence and that they’ll never be able to prove

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