Techniques Used In Acuvue's One Day Advertisement

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Acuvue's "One Day" contact lenses advertisement is selling the idea of how young adults should see the world rather than the product itself. With the use of slippery slope and cause and effect, Acuvue displays confidence and positivity to young adults with poor eyesight. With "One Day" contact lenses you will gain the confidence to do what you desire. Acuvue's "One Day" advertisement is persuading specifically young adults with bad eyesight to buy their contact lenses. At the beginning of Acuvue’s “One Day” advertisement the setting is a high school hallway, school gym, music room, and bus stop where young adults are presented giving out their message. (Acuvue One Day ad) “One day I’ll have the guts to tell him hi, one day my moves will be legend…etc.” This lead to whom the intended audience is, which are young adults or more specifically “high school students” with vision problems. The individuals are presented positive, hopeful, and confident to pass on that same feeling to the audience. The ad…show more content…
(Acuvue One Day ad) “wear them only one day so they are always fresh always comfortable” The confidence shown and the authority the speaker gives when speaking makes the audience believe in what she is stating. The misuse of ethos used is authority over evidence, emphasizing authority rather than the evidence. The speaker states that (Acuvue One Day ad) "Acuvue "One Day" contact lenses gives you the confidence to do your best. Wear them only one day, so they are always fresh always comfortable.” This statement has a lack of evidence and facts on how and why the contacts stay fresh. Also, there is no evidence on why this contacts will give you the confidence to do your best. Although, the use of authority makes the audience believe and gives an enthusiastic vibe, there is not enough supporting

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