The Trojan War: Aphrodite, Paris, And Helen

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The three main people that caused and were responsible for the Trojan War were Aphrodite, Paris, and Helen. Firstly, the main reason why the Trojan War took place was because of Paris. He had made a big mistake when choosing the goddess to be the fairest. There were three choices for him. They were Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. If he had chosen Hera, his life would have been more powerful and the Trojan War would have been not taken place. People wouldn’t have to risk their lives or have to die. For example, Achilles was convinced to fight, but he wanted to become famous only if he died (this was said by the oracle that he consulted with). Likewise, Aphrodite was also one of them who caused the Trojan War. One day at a great feast with all the

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