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Tawana Richardson was born October 21, 1996 at 1:56pm in Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. Her parents are Demetri Johnson- Cartwright and Tawaganee Nunley. They separated when she was about 3 years old, and were never married. Her mom has been married to Oscar Cartwright for 13 years. Her mother, Demetri, only has two daughters Tawana Richardson and Tierra Cartwright. Her father has four children including her, and two of them are twins. Their names are Talarisha Richardson, Tawaganee Richardson Jr., and Tawagana Richardson. They are a girl and boy twins. Tierra is 12 years old, Talarisha is 20, and the twins are 5 years old. Tawana is the oldest on her mom’s side, and the middle child on her dad’s. In addition, her father is currently fighting…show more content…
Therefore, I would say she was raised I both, because she did a lot of back and forward. East Dallas and North Dallas would be considered “the hood” or dangerous areas for living. It wasn’t somewhere you would see a lot of Caucasians in, or living. They were rough neighborhoods, and a rough environment. That didn’t mean the parents were poor, or couldn’t afford to move to the suburbs, or better neighborhood, that’s just probably what they were used to and where they were raised. Up until she was two years old, she was being raised by both her parents in East Dallas. When she turned three, they moved to North Dallas, Tawana, her mom, and her dad. Not long after, her parents separated. Her mom then became a single parent and raised her on her own. Shortly after, when Tawana was four, they moved back to East Dallas, just her and her mother. Two years later, when she was six years old, they moved back to North Dallas. They stayed there for a while this time, until Tawana was 11 years old, they then moved to Rowlett. Rowlett was a nice neighborhood in the suburbs with mostly Caucasians. In between living in North Dallas, and Rowlett is when her mom met Tawana’s soon to be stepfather. After Tawana was 12 years old, starting sixth grade, they moved to Garland. Garland was also a nice, safe environment in the suburbs, just like Rowlett, but with more colored people in…show more content…
When she was four, she went to S.S Corner Elementary in East Dallas. Next, when she was six they moved back to North Dallas and she went to Skyview Elementary. Although they were still staying in North Dallas, when Tawana was going to second grade, her mother transferred her to James Back Elementary in Rowlett. She transferred her, so she could go to school with her cousins, and over their house afterschool until her mom got off of work. Finally, when Tawana was in fifth grade, her mother mover to Rowlett and she continued to go to James Back Elementary. Tawana was smart, and always made good grades, and was smarter than the average kid her age. Therefore, she had a couple classes with a grade level higher than hers. However, the summer before she started middle school, they moved to Garland. By then, it was Tawana, her mom, her stepfather, and sister; her mom had Tierra when Tawana was 7 years old. She attended Lyles Middle School for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Later, she went to Lakeview Centennial High school in Garland where she graduated from in June of 2015. When she was 16, she started working at Marshalls. When she turned 17, she started working at Walmart. She worked at Walmart, up until it was time for her to go to college in Fall of

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