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The Tang Dynasty was one of China's greatest Dynasties. Many great things came about . It was a great time to be alive. It was a time of trade development, and a flourishing society and government. Unlike like the earlier Sui dynasty which the government didn’t flourish because of the many military projects. But what made the Tang dynasty so well was the new foreign influences brought new ideas to China but old Chinese traditions were still kept. So they never lost any old traditions they adopted new ones, they were open unlike many older Dynasties. Rebels from outside grew to adopt Chinese ways. One of those rebels was the Xianbei. The Xianbei were much like the earlier Xiongnu, they attacked and conquered Chinese lands. When the Xianbei…show more content…
The grand canal was a great engineering accomplishment of the Tang dynasty. The canal grand canal helping transporting that had began in the earlier Qin Dynasty. The canal extended south and north. there was an imperial road built alongside it always, that was where the relay post stations were provided. The canal help draw wealth from agriculture of the Yangzi River valley supporting both the government and military. This trade route supplied new long distance supply systems and eliminated the need for army to carry supplies to and fro. New foreign influences flooded through China. Including religions such as Judaism, Islam, and etc. Neighboring countries came to China bring goods such as horses, jewels, and textiles. Foreign influences mainly left an impact on the arts. Such as the musical instruments the foreigners brought with them transforming Chinese music. Interior furnishing was transformed as well. People sat on chairs and stools instead of the earlier mats because it was a new foreign practice . But still at the center of all this was the Capital Chang’an. The capital was the most powerful and attractive force. It was constructed on a much larger than any other capital built before. They were certain blocks for markets. main avenues were bordered and the whole palace was enclosed by a wall. Many aristocrats were forced to live the along with government leaders and

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