Susan Sontag

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Photographs are objects know to have lasted longer than people have. The article that Susan Sontag published in 1997 on the topic of photography remains accurate in our modern day of photography. We have just advanced our technology to be able to participate in photography, as well as become the one taking the photo simultaneously which is known as the selfie. That is an aspect Sontag didn’t expect in her day in age. There is more to the common selfie than just taking one’s own picture of themselves; taking a photo is to be accepting of that image being captured and having the feeling of control, and obtaining control comes the sense of power as a byproduct as such, “To collect photographs is to collect the world” (Sontag 779). The world is to too much to obtain, but Sontag resorts to taking pictures of segments in the world to be…show more content…
If a person doesn’t accept themselves they won’t take a selfie, but will move on to take pictures other things they do accept and take pictures of it. The selfie is so popular in today’s generation it made its way into the dictionary. We agree that it’s possible to take infinite photos, something Sontag may consider as “the most irresistible form of mental pollution.” (790) As they say the selfie is the one photo that made the cover, but behind one selfie were countless of other similar photos that didn’t meet the acceptance requirement. Anything we consider worth taking a picture of has to mentally be accepted by us, Sontag mentions, “Photography implies that we know about the world if we accept it as the camera records it.” Using a mugshot for example, we tend to take photographs of what we accept, but who would accept an image of a mugshot you would say? Well a mugshot is a captured person that is accepted into the category of a criminal. There is a category for many styles of photography and the selfie is one of
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