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Art depicted in the Medieval Period was highly influenced by the artistry and background of the Roman Empire and of the Christian churches. Revered all over Europe, some styles portrayed by the artists of this time included Byzantine Art, Early Christian Art, and Romanesque Art. ("Britain's Bayeux Tapestry at Reading Museum.") One of the most iconic pieces of Romanesque Art was the Bayeux Tapestry. It told the story, through fabric as a medium, of what lead to the chivalrous Battle of Hastings and its outcome. Dividing the tapestry in sections allowed me to view multiple themes scattered throughout this work of art. Similarly, these themes are shared with other works of storytelling art, namely The Trojan Women, written by famous Greek tragedy…show more content…
The first theme all three share is the “dreadfulness of war.” All three pieces of work have discussed the hardships war brings upon those involved in one form or another. The post-war events of The Trojan Women are delivered at a depressing stance that the women of Troy would be objectified to slavery of their Greek conquerors while mourning the deaths of their fallen husbands, sons, and brothers. Hecuba and Cassandra are two particular women who have suffered the unfortunate fate of being servants. Hecuba, who was once the queen of Troy, was sentenced to become a lowly drudge for Odysseus’s home (Cummings). Additionally, Cassandra, Queen Hecuba’s daughter, is told by Talthybius that she would be Agamemnon’s concubine (Cummings). Kurt Vonnegut’s novel depicts the “dreadfulness of war” from when Billy first began the campaign to the catastrophic bombings of Dresden, Germany. Though Billy at first seems relieved about his survival of the attack, he is oblivious of the…show more content…
The theme of “revenge” was scattered throughout the play both by the Gods and the mortals of the Greek mythology world. Ajax’s actions of rape on Cassandra defiled the temple of the goddess Athena, and because it was done at such a sacred area, the goddess sought justice against the Greeks (Cummings). Athena pleads with Poseidon to punish the Greeks in their ships for retribution of Ajax the lesser (Cummings). One of the highlights of the play is when the Greek king, Menelaus, plans to sentence his wife, Helen, to death for her treachery of running off with Paris, the prince of Troy, and supposedly setting off the Trojan War. He is confronted with mixed emotions of love, hatred, and revenge. This theme of “revenge” could be seen on the Bayeux Tapestry when Harold is wrongly crowned king of England ("Britain's Bayeux Tapestry at Reading Museum."). The reason behind the Battle of Hastings begins with the previous king of England, King Edward the Confessor (Staff, Even though King Edward lived for many years, he had yet to bear a son to succeed him onto the throne. Legend has it that because King Edward was a cousin to William, and since he had no successors, William was granted to be Edward’s heir (Staff, However, officials of England did not see it fit for the country to have it be ruled by an

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