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If you ever want to meet a real life superwoman, I would highly suggest you drive or fly over to Florida Gulf Coast University, where you will find a Resident Assistant (RA) by the name of Johanna Capone. Johanna is the RA of Palmetto Hall 4 West, and when I tell you that she is nothing short of amazing, you have to believe me! Johanna is always willing to comfort, empower, and help anyone that she comes across. Even when she is experiencing hardships in her life, she always looks on the brighter side of things and never loses her focus. Whenever I am feeling down, I know that I can turn to her for support and some good laughs. Like superwoman, she exemplifies strength, determination, and is authentic to herself. She rids herself of all the negatives in life and places self-care in her high priority list which is significant. Since we are…show more content…
She constantly comes up with innovative and fun ideas. For instance, for her bulletin board that I mentioned earlier, her topic is on Breast Cancer, and since Breast Cancer Awareness month falls in October as well as Halloween, she decided to mix the two. Her title for the bulletin board is “Check your BOOOOBIES,” and on her bulletin board are tiny, cute, shocked faced ghosts with varying bra sizes and designs and facts about Breast Cancer. Anytime we need someone to help decorate a banner that will draw the residents’ attention; we call on Johanna. For the month of September, I have had the pleasure of working with Johanna on two big programs: College Chef and Amazing PALS, where large banners were needed for marketing. Since my drawing resembles that of a two-year-old, I asked Johanna for help and was amazed at how well she did with the banners. We received so many compliments on how great they looked and lost count on how many residents would walk through our lobby and stop dead in their tracks to look at our banners, which is what we

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