Comparing Romeo And Juliet, It's Perfectly Normal, And Hop On Pop

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Benjamin Franklin said that “without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech.” As I start this journey asking why these books are being banned and how sad I think it may be. There may be more than just one opinion and to find whether I agree with them will soon be told. Especially in these classics Romeo and Juliet, It’s Perfectly Normal, and Hop on Pop. Ok, so really I thought to myself when I read that Hop on Pop was on that so called band list. It’s a Dr. Seuss book; most his books are meant to educate children or make them excited about somethings. Well from the title I would assume that this one would be hopping on your pops. Obviously not in an aggressive way but to show love and joy of seeing them. Sad to say that one father did not see it this way, other than he claims that this book was put out there and the children would see it as a promotion of violence to their fathers. He demanded that the library in which his child found this book apologize to him and any other father that may have been “harmed.” The great news is that the book was back on the shelves as for if the father who got so angry and would…show more content…
This book is being banned for many reasons. People claim that it promotes teen love and sex due to the love making in some scenes. The obscene language and the way that they end the play with her acting like she was going to take her life so that she may fool her parents and run away, then them both committing suicide. So, then it was banded and brought back many time in the past century. There even was a writer you could say that he tried to bring this wonderful piece back. But in your opinion do you think it is ok to take someone’s hard work and turn it to your own words for you own

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