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The book Salt Eaters were a challenging book to read related to some of the intriguing language and characters that were presented. This novel is surrounded by a woman name Velma Henry that has tried to commit suicide, and was presently at a Southwest Community infirmary. There is also a healer by the name of Minnie Ransom, who is also present and trying to heal Velma with nontraditional medicine. The first question that was asked to Velma Henry by Minnie Ransom was Do you want to be well? When I read this first question, I begin to explore the thought of maybe Velma does not want to be well. The author displayed Velma as a black woman who has a goal to revive a black community back to the natural process through different avenues. However, in this journey Velma was encountered with terrible things that could cause her sanity to be interrupted There were different event that occurred in Velma life that lead her the attempt to commit suicide. Velma was noted to have held on to past events in her life that displayed anger and rge. Just as was beginning to start thinking that this book is going to be hard to write a reflection on, I was introduced with a quote from the author on (pp 22) as to James Obie stopped Velma from launching into one of her anecdotes such as smoking for relief. The comment that stood out to me was…show more content…
Holding to the pain of an ending of a 29 year marriage has cost me a lot pf time, effort, and even almost my sanity just as Velma Henry. I to can also relate to the times of sitting in a chair inside my house which felt like a chair in an infirmary. Just as everyone was telling Velma, you have to let go of the past and pains, everyone was telling me the same thing, however, this process is not so easily done. Even though the healing process of Velma Henry took approx. 20 minutes, it seemed like a life

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