College Football: Benefits Of The BCS Bowl System

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In the summer of 2012, the NCAA announced that college football would be getting rid of the previous postseason championship system, the BCS bowl system, and have a four-team playoff to determine who the national champion should be. The BCS bowl system was a selection system that had the top two ranked teams, based off of rankings from the Associated Press (AP), face off for the national championship. This led to a group of twelve people to determine who truly the top four teams in Division I college football are, instead of the press deciding solely based off of their records, and who should play in a playoff to determine who the national champion should be. Even then, it doesn’t truly determine who the best team in college football is.…show more content…
Some sponsors, such as Allstate, AT&T, Reese’s, Dr. Pepper, and Goodyear, signed deals with the college football playoffs 2 weeks after the NCAA announced that the playoffs were happening (Shultz). Sponsorship helps out both the companies and the advertisement of the playoffs. ESPN signed a $7.3 billion deal with the College football playoffs in order to show all of the games on ESPN networks (CNN Money). This helped with the advertisement of ESPN as the top program to watch sports on. Comparing the college football playoffs to the Super Bowl is a fairly good comparison when it comes to advertisement money. It cost one million dollars per ad to show during the college football playoffs and $4.5 million per ad to show during the super bowl (CNN Money). However, there are three college football playoff games compared to one super bowl game. While on the other hand, the super bowl has four times the viewership. With more teams in the playoffs, more games will be played and the sponsors have a chance to advertise for more time for their…show more content…
The teams are selected into the top four based off of four different criteria. The criteria are the strength of schedule (SOS), head-to-head results, comparison against common opponents, and championships won whether it be division or conference (Nathe). With the four teams being selected into the playoffs, only 3.125% (4 out of 128) make the playoffs. The NCAA men’s and women’s Division I basketball also have a playoff tournament where 68 of the 337 teams make the tournament. The equivalent of that is having 26 teams in the football playoffs. All sports should have the same percentage of teams make their sports post-season so the athletes would have the same shot at winning a national

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