Summary Of The Good The Bad And Your Business By Jeffrey Seglin

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In the chapter “Ture Lies” taken from his book The Good, The Bad, and Your Business, Jeffrey Seglin discusses the consequences of lying. Seglin also discusses how people use lying and posturing techniques to get an advantage over other people and how the consequences of lying can be found in many aspects of our life and business. Seglin focuses how lying can have a negative effect on an organization when it’s done by the leader. He gives the example of the lying testimonies' of Bill Clinton and Bill Gates and how they affected both the white house and Microsoft. Seglin also states the difference between not telling the full truth and outright lying. He states that people in power positions can not always tell the truth which is understandable, but outright lying is still wrong. The difficulty of maneuvering between telling the truth and avoiding telling is extremely hard in new and growing companies. Seglin mentions how businesspersons find themselves avoiding telling the full truth when they try to find a way up in the business world. On the other hand, he argues that there is a difference between lying and posturing and the last is common and is more moral than the first one. Seglin examines how lying and posturing can look the same thing, but in fact these two things are very different. He argues that…show more content…
Seglin argues that posturing is an important part of starting any company. As an example he gives the CEO’s of two top 500 Inc’s companies which show how posturing played an important rule in the growing of their company, whether it by creating pull strategy demand or by claiming that applicants for some position are actually company employees. Seglin states that there is a big difference between lying and posturing and while the last one is moral and right, lying can lead companies towards circles of lies that will hurt themselves and their

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