Summary Of The Four Agreements By Miguel Ruiz

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In his book The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz states: “The human mind is like a fertile ground where seeds are continually being planted. The seeds are opinions, ideas, and concepts. You plant the seed of thought, and it grows” (28) I believe that his statement is undoubtedly true. By not following the third agreement don’t take anything personally you are creating personal poison to affect other peoples’ life in a negative way. “Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally” (Ruiz 47). Ruiz’s third agreement don’t take anything personally is about not letting others personal poison inside you. He implies that when a person says one thing to another person and if they truly believe it by taking things personally. He also states that when someone is directing these hurtful words towards you, they really are not truly about you, but a mere reflection of themselves. As…show more content…
The reason being is that evidently I take almost everything to heart, from miscommunication from others to their body language. When I began reading The Four Agreements my original interpretation of the agreement was slightly different from how Ruiz presented it throughout the chapter. Before I read the chapter on agreement three, I assumed that when it said don’t take things personally that it meant just that. I did not comprehend that he would discuss the fact that people take things personally because you agree with whatever was just said (Ruiz 48). The impression I had over the agreement was that it would just talk about why you should not listen to the negative words of others, how you should brush it off, and move on with your life. Although, my notion about the agreement was wrong, the information and evidence provided in that agreement was substantial. The reasoning behind why most people take things personally was astonishing because it tends to be true as it applies to

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