Summary Of The Day Metallica Came To Church By Van Sloten

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The Day Metallica Came to Church by Van Sloten is a book that focuses on expanding our view to see God in every aspect of life. Van Sloten writes about seeing God in all places of the world that most would not think of seeing God. Some examples are R-rated movies, fashion, and sports. As Christians we must hold unto truth discerning evil from good. He wants Christians to be open to how God can speak and move in all kinds of places. In a way Van Sloten seems to be oversimplifying sin. Stating that God can be seen in even the darkest things which seems to be justifying being involved with sinful things in life. For Christians who are not strong in their faith can find this lifestyle misleading and can be tempted by things. However, for those Christians who are strong in their faith and can discern evil from good and not be tempted could most likely find this lifestyle acceptable.…show more content…
He is excited about finding God in every aspect of life and feels a calling to share this passion with his church and his book. Van Sloten has done sermons on topics such as Crash, Metallica, and poker,etc. Its great that he has used these topics and draw God from these but do you think this is the best setting to do this? I believe that Church is not the time or place to bring these topics up. The church should focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ. In a way, it seems like Van Sloten has his theology backwards. He focuses on earthly things in his sermon while backing them up with scripture. While sermons should focus on scripture and use earthly things as examples to make his points

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