Unrealism Exposed In The Film White House Down

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There's been a massive destruction in the White House by a group of psychotic vengeful American terrorists. The building is under siege; terrorists kill dozens of people and collect hostages and cabinet members all for personal issues dealing with the country. In the movie, "White House Down", it all starts in the White House, where John Cale (Channing Tatum) and his eleven year old daughter, Emily Cale (Joey King) visit the white house to get his dream job of being part of the secret service. While on tour of the White House with his daughter, Cale takes action to defend his daughter and the President of the United States (Jamie Foxx) from a heavily equipped group of paramilitary invaders, and to also stop World War III from happening. Although the situation in the film, such as the characters and the setting is condemned to be unrealistic, the dialogue is also unrealistic, and the anecdotes about former presidents are undoubtedly fake. The film, written by…show more content…
Kennedy told by the tour guide, Donnie, is hilarious and amusing, yet bogus. Emily Cale asked him if the catacombs that JFK snuck Marilyn Monroe in still exists. He in return says it's a myth. But later on in the movie, as the terrorists are firing bullets, Agent Carol Finnerty tells Cale to go to the basement and go through the series of tunnels where JFK hid Marilyn Monroe in. Nobody knows as to what Monroe was doing in the White House with JFK, but the purpose of that anecdote was to give the audience a comical relief, by telling them something that didn't happen. President Sawyer tells Cale that what you heard is true. Cale then makes an instant remark by saying "Donnie is gonna be pissed," to give the viewers a hint that Donnie is never wrong when stating the facts about the White

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