Summary Of Peter Guralnick's 'Last Train To Memphis'

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Last Train to Memphis, written by Peter Guralnick, is one of the many biographies written about The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. This biography covers Elvis’ birth all the way to the grand beginning of His career, which was January 1935 to September 1958. Vernon Presley was a quiet man who did many different jobs in Pontotoc County. He, during the Depression, farmed for a small amount of time with his brother but eventually began working for the WPA. He then drove a delivery truck for a grocery store, which delivered groceries to stores in Mississippi. There is not much known of Gladys Smith but what we do know is that she was four years older than Vernon and that she worked at the Tupelo Garment Company. These two met because Gladys sister married Vernon’s older…show more content…
He worked at many different places, like his father, but continued to follow his dream of music. Finally he got an opportunity to record an album and Sam Phillips started to assist Elvis. Because of these doors being opened, he began to travel and record regularly. A song that put Elvis on the map in 1954, was “That’s All Right”. Elvis’ popularity began to rise in 1955 because of his unique dancing, voice, and looks. He went on to sign with RCA Records and had his first number one single just weeks after. Paramount Pictures also gave Elvis a contract in 1956 to star in “Love me Tender," which broke box office records. But among all of this fame, he received a letter saying that he would be drafted into the army in 1957. He would leave for Germany that following march for a little over a year. While serving, Elvis’ mother passed away and he was able to return for her funeral. Although he was sad about his mothers death, he met his future wife Priscilla Beaulieu not long after. His carrier would be put on hold until his return from the

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