Red Badge Of Courage Chapter 9 Summary

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Chapter 9: Still running away from the tattered man, he sees more wounded man surrounding him. He is jealous of them having a wound and wants to have a wound to prove that he had the “Red Badge of Courage” (Crane 57). Then he sees Jim running toward him, wounded with fresh blood. He was worried that Jim might die in the battle, and he sees that Jim is getting weaker because of the wound that he had. Jim tells Henry that he is scared to fall down or being run over by an artillery wagon. Henry promises that he will protect Jim from the battle. The tattered man catches up to Henry again, and tries to help him and Jim. Somehow, Jim found some strength to move a little. The tattered man and Henry follow after Jim to protect him. The tattered man…show more content…
He was surprised and angered that the Union was losing the battle and had to flee away from the battle. Seeing that the Union was running toward him, he got too emotional of the battle and starts grabbing on to one of the Unions and asks him what is happening and why they were fleeing from the war. The Union soldier was scared and frantic and he told to get Henry off. The soldier also ignored Henry’s question. However, angered that the Union soldier won’t answer his question, Henry decides to not listen to the frantic soldier and continue to grab on him. The Union soldier finally decides to hit Henry in the head with the rifle and Henry gets off the frantic Union soldier. The rifle that the Union soldier hit Henry with left a wound on his head it started to bleed. Feeling defeated, Henry thinks he will never find his camp in time. However, another soldier sees him, and cheerfully asks Henry if he wanted to get lifted on his shoulder. Henry accepts the offer that the cheerful soldier had given him. The cheerful soldier was also a Union soldier and was also going to the Union camps just like Henry. The cheerful soldier helped Henry find the camp that he belongs to and left Henry at his camp. Henry realizes that he never actually looked at the soldier face and can’t remember what he looked

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