Summary Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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Adam Saisad Maria Halepis College Writing II September 23, 2015 There are many articles that preach how technology is going to be the death of all of humanity. Said articles are usually extremely over exaggerated and riddled with truly misleading evidence. However, not all articles written about the impact technology has on society today are completely hyperbolic. The article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr is putting the world on to already evident facts. Our generation’s dependence on technology has caused people to lose the ability to think independently. This dependence has caused a greater reliance on Google and other search engines rather than retaining information discovered in a book or article. Though information is pinpointed a lot faster, it is not always retained due to the fact we know it will always be a couple of key words away.…show more content…
This article starts out by talking about how the Internet is a resource the general public can use for almost anything. In result, the public is becoming dependent upon it on things like how to increase work productivity, reading, and writing. This article also claims that technology is a huge distraction in every day life. Traditional media has to live up to the expectation their audiences have of everything being a "shortcut". The world is becoming too use to being able to access information faster and more conveniently. According to this article, technology is becoming more important than people. Google is trying to invent an artificial brain to replace our "slow" brains that we already have. In a world where technology is put first, what will happen to

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