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The courageous and inspiring memoir Infidel published by Ayaan Hirsi Ali remarkably altered my perspective regarding many delicate subjects, including religion, culture, family, and sexuality. The book details the rough life of the author from childhood in various African and Middle Eastern states, to escaping to the Netherlands from an arranged marriage. She later becomes a public figure in Dutch politics and a vocal critic of Islamic extremism. When the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center transpired, Ayaan revisited certain parts of the Quran that were quoted by Osama Bin Laden as justification for his destruction. This immediately prompted Ayaan to harbor doubts about her religion and caused her eventual denunciation of Islam. During my trip to Nairobi, Kenya, I witnessed a horrific terrorist attack on a nearby church. The next day, one of the most well known religious figures in town delivered a forceful speech in the local mosque condoning the extremist act and espoused his beliefs with an abundance of Islamic literature. While I didn’t instantaneously abandon my religion, I grew detached from Islam and gradually ceased all of the rituals. I did not know whether…show more content…
Reading Infidel made me realize that I should not have to conceal any questions and concerns I hold regarding my religious background. I came to the conclusion that Islam, particularly the fanatical interpretations, is not and should not be above any ounce of critical scrutiny. Ayaan Hirsi Ali fell victim to a frequently practiced oppressive custom in Somalia- forced marriages. At the age of 23, Ayaan’s father had proclaimed that he’d given his daughter away to a distant relative who lives in Canada. Deciding that she could not live the rest of her life in bondage with a complete stranger, Ayaan escaped to the Netherlands and sought

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