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Introduction I. In 2014, Taylor Swift was named the only artist in history to put out three albums that have each sold over a million copies in one week. II. My purpose is to inform about the life and music career of Taylor Swift. III. I am credible to talk about this because I have been a Taylor Swift super fan since 2007 and did extensive research about her life. IV. Today, I will educate my audience on Taylor Swift’s early life, country era, and pop era. (Transition: First, I will talk about Taylor Swift’s early life.) Body I. First, I will talk about Taylor Swift’s early life. A. Taylor was born on December 13th 1989 in Pennsylvania. i. She lived on a Christmas tree farm with her parents, who were both bankers. ii. In a biography book Chas Newkey-Burden wrote called, “Taylor Swift: The Whole Story,” he says Taylor’s parents had plans for her to become a successful stockbroker. They chose a gender-neutral name for her so employers would not know if she was a man or woman. a)…show more content…
B. Taylor showed much talent at a young age i. She developed an impressive music memory. She was able to remember lyrics and melodies after hearing a song once. ii. She learned guitar at 8 years old by a man who came to fix her computer. iii. Taylor also loved writing early on. She enjoyed writing poems and stories. She even once wrote a 350 page novel. C. At age 14, Taylor moved to Nashville. i. She traveled around music row, giving record labels her demo. She got a songwriting job at Sony ATV publishing. ii. According to “Taylor Swift: Her Life, Her Story,” a biography DVD directed by Jerald Levin, Taylor was contacted by RCA records at 15, but walked because she felt they did not truly believe in her. a) (Levin, 2010). iii. Scott Borchetta discovered Taylor at a café when he was in search of someone to get his record label started called Big Machine Records. (Transition: Second, I will talk about Taylor Swift’s country

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