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The movie “The Doctor”, starring William Hurt, addresses a number of issues related to modern health care, including the ethical and professional attitudes of medical staff, and the actions and attitudes of their patients. By making some necessary changes in their actions and attitudes, both the medical staff and the patient could have improved satisfaction with the medical process and outcomes. Prior to Dr. Jack McKee’s diagnosis and treatment for laryngeal cancer his professional attitude towards patients is characterized by his determination to emotionally distance himself from his patients, which he emphasizes as important advice to medical residents as he takes them through rounds. This attitude translates itself to a distant and often…show more content…
McKee seeks treatment from a highly qualified but distant and factual specialist. In many ways she reflects his ideals of distancing oneself as a doctor from the patient. However, she shows no emotional support for Dr. McKee in his health care concerns. She also does not provide any medical information beyond the basic facts. Even prior to the biopsy procedure, she does not offer her patient the information needed for informed consent, such as other treatment options, risks and medical outlook. He also encounters a similar lack of information in his interactions with the doctor in charge of his radiation treatments. Had I been in the position of either of these doctors, I would have made sure to provide all the medical information necessary for the patient to make an informed decision and would have addressed the patient’s emotional concerns in dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Beyond the aspects of building a good doctor-patient relationship, a dismissal of a patient’s worries also often contributes to a rise in malpractice…show more content…
McKee also features as the main patient in this movie. Watching his actions, I also feel that I would have acted differently had I been in his place as the patient. In many aspects, Dr. McKee refuses to ever accept his role as the patient. He continues to stress that he is a doctor himself and expects certain privileges to accompany this status while a patient. He antagonizes and disrespects the staff involved in his treatment, from office staff to his doctors. As a patient, I feel that it is important to show all involved, including other patients, the proper respect. Good relationships between healthcare providers and patients foster optimal patient

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