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Title: Hamlet Playwright: William Shakespeare Theme/Message: Madness and Revenge. Prince Hamlet wants to revenge because of his madness against his uncle, Claudius who is said to be the murderer of his dead father, King Hamlet. Introduction: Prince Hamlet seeks to avenge his Father’s death. He was surprised to know that her mother, Queen Gertrude was married to his Uncle Claudius, brother of his dead father to think that it is a foul incest. He also knew that his Uncle ascends the throne after his father’s death. Thesis Statement: Even though Hamlet’s avenge to his Uncle sends him to death, he still manage to fulfill his promise to his father. He was able to kill his Uncle despite of his death throe, and that is pretty awesome ^o^…show more content…
The apparition Marcellus was talking about showed up and they recognized that it looks like the dead king, Hamlet. So they decided to tell Hamlet, the dead king’s son. Hamlet’s uncle, brother of the dead king, Claudius, on the other hand, ascended to throne, is now married to Queen Gertrude, the dead’s king former wife, mother of Hamlet. Hamlet’s demeanour towards his uncle is not good thinking that his mother and his uncle’s marriage is a foul incest. Laertes, son of the king’s Lord Chamber Polonius, who’s leaving for France, reminds his sister, Ophelia, to reject her suitor, Prince Hamlet. When Hamlet knew about the apparition of his father, he immediately went to the battlements of the castle to see it for himself. The ghost appears to Hamlet and told him that he was murdered by his Uncle, Claudius and asked him to avenge his uncle for murdering him. The Prince swore to seek revenge for him as Horatio and Marcellus swore to keep everything they saw as a secret. Hamlet decides to pretend being mad while testing the truth of the ghost’s allegations. He rejects Ophelia, as Claudius and Polonius spy on him trying to find a reason for his sudden strange

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