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n his article “If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then What Is?” the author James Baldwin addresses the African-American community of the United States. Baldwin criticizes the nation for not considering the parlance of the African-American a “real” language. Throughout the essay, Baldwin uses an array of mechanisms to lull the reader into his web or fallacies, generalizations and stereotypes. The writer cites examples of how languages in general vary from territory to territory, even if the language spoken is common to all parties. He points out the specific variances spoken within the language and alludes to these deviations are generally only fully comprehended by those who use the particular variations. There is no cornerstone of concrete evidence underpinning his…show more content…
Furthermore, his supposition that jazz is first and foremost a sexual term is not supported by any clear evidence. His statement that “jazz me baby” was purified by “white” (87) people is nothing more than conjecture. There is a plethora of examples in the dictionary of a single term being utilized and defined by several different connotations of said term. “Sock it to me,” which found its way into the Urban Dictionary through its use on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, a comedy show broadcasted in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The comedic play was on the fact the phrase’s translation into the Queen’s parlance appeared innocent enough, albeit the sexual nuance was clearly evident. The author’s overreach here is certainly not opaque. Moreover, Mr. Baldwin’s use of the anecdotal fallacy give me textual evidence to support this as he relates his personal experience of family members having to stealthily warn him of the dangers of the white man does not support his argument; it only supports the notion that various groups use language differently in order to hide their true agendas or to escape situations where fear prevails. The essayist can only hope his attempt to present the facts,

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