Summary Of Hip Hop's Revenge By Jennifer Mclune

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“Hip-hop owes its success to the ideology of woman-hating. It creates, perpetuates and reaps the rewards of objectification.” These two sentences in Jennifer McLune’s article Celie’s Revenge: Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Women sum up the entire problem with the hip-hop world today. As Jennifer argues in this article, the objectification of women in hip-hop has to stop and it will only stop when we “hear these apologists declare that any black man who makes music perpetuating the hatred of women will be named, shunned and destroyed, financially and socially, like the traitor of our community he is.” (McLune) The women in the hip-hop industry today need to be guided away from the self-hate that these men have imposed on them and learn to love and appreciate themselves as well…show more content…
As McLune stated in her article, the industry allows for a very small number of women to make it big just so they can say that there is no way that they can be antifeminists when there are successful women at the top. But what the apologists fail to say, is that the women who are at the top face the most scrutiny from the media and the general public, and on top of this, they are pressured by big record labels to alter their bodies in order to create a more sex appealing version of themselves to encourage the hyper-sexualising and the objectification of women. Take Nicki Minaj for example. She is the most successful female rapper within the past four years. When she was beginning her career, she was given the funds by her label to get both breast and butt implants. This was not a move to grant her a wish she had for several years. This was a stunt to make her more sexually appealing because the hip-hop industry would never take on a performer who is not sexually

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