Nasa Challenger Explosion Essay

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On January 28, 1986. There was a rocket that blew up into smoke. It was called the children in school learn more about space. The NASA Challenger explosion was one of the worst mistakes made by mankind, but despite this disaster, it played an important role in improving communications within ASA, safety in space travel, and the redesign of the 0-Rings. As the engineers were building the Challenger. They were having some difficulties about the rocket. On the first two launches. The engineers saw that there were still some difficulties. So they delayed the first two launches. The third launch, NASA was tired of delays. They wanted to go alone with the plan of launching the rocket. The engineers tried to stop them, but NASA ignored them. After the Challenger exploded. NASA cleaned up its communication line so the astronauts and NASA can talk to each other. They put in a system for detecting problems that are going on to the rocket. They are also talking to engineers more and more. Than they did before the rocket exploded. Communication was not easy for NASA and Thiokol. They were too far apart to communicate. They tried to travel to meet each other but it was not…show more content…
NASA is trying to redesign the O-rings by making the seals stay on. It was the gaskets that were used to seal the fuel inside the canisters. When they were building the rocket they tested the O-rings for safe measures, but they did not test it in cold weather. They tested the O-rings in 53 Fahrenheit. The temperature was not tested in 23 Fahrenheit. That was the temperature of the day it was launched. When the Challenger lifted after 73 seconds. The gasket was cracking. They didn’t really have enough data about the O-rings. The O-rings turned the shuttle into an inferno of liquid oxygen. The sealing of the O-rings let out a hot gases pass through causing the explosion. It was the O-rings that took time. It was them that the challenger delayed

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