Summary Of Dan Miller's Assassination

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It was a cold, foggy, October night, and three kids were looking for somewhere scary to go. They had heard about an abandoned prison that was haunted by the ghost of Dan Miller. They did not believe it, so they wanted to go find out for themselves. Dan Miller was a carefree man without a worry in the world, until one day he decided to go out drinking. He drove home drunk that night and hit a car with three passengers, killing two of them and the third person was injured and in critical condition. Dan was 25 when he decided to drink and drive, causing him to spend the rest of his life in jail. Dan couldn’t stand being in jail and after nine years Dan decided he was going to kill himself. Dan hung himself in his jail cell, no one ever realized he was dead until the guards found him hanging from the ceiling, dead. Not one person wanted to…show more content…
They wanted to go and see for themselves. They decided that they would go to the prison on the night that he had died, legend has it that if you go to the prison the night that he killed himself, he comes back to haunt the prison. The night before, they started getting really scared and almost backed out, but they didn’t! It was October 14th, the day that Dan Miller killed himself, and Jason, Jackie and Sam were finally on their way to the prison. When they got there, there was a sign on the gate that said “CAUTION DO NOT ENTER!” but they entered anyway. The gate opened and it made a loud screeching sound. They walked in, walked to the door and opened it, they couldn’t see anything at all, it was pitch black. Walking around, there was nothing but old jail cells filled with dust and spider webs. They finally got to Dan Miller’s cell, it was dark and dusty. They made Jason go in first to look around with his flashlight. He got in the cell he felt something touching him, but he didn’t say anything. He told the others to come

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