Operation Zero In Haiti

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Research Proposal Section 1: Thesis Statement Through an examination of the review Operation Zero in Haiti, it is evident to see that although Haiti became independence since 1804 but Haiti cannot get rid of poverty and backwardness. The status quo of Haiti may result in various aspects, externally or internally. Compared with internal factors, the external influences of globalization and capitalism are vital. In fact, the core of problem is ever-increasing disparity and polarization. Section 2: Supporting for Argument Point 1: Globalization hinders the development of Haiti. Supporting detail 1:  Haiti becomes a part of globalization and gradually lacks its national identity.  According to Massey “Globalisation: What Does It Mean for Geography?”,…show more content…
Supporting detail 1:  Reduced to poverty and debt-dependence by reparation payments to its former colonial master, the country was further brutalized by the dramatic polarization of wealth and power imposed by its tiny ruling elite.”(Peter Hallward,2004: 46)  Although financed by World Bank, IMF and other world organizations, Haiti is still poverty-stricken. Haiti lose initiatives in its own development. Hallward “Option Zero in Haiti” explains Haiti’s existent situation in various aspects. Supporting detail 2:  “The country’s wages should therefore not be raised, as workers were demanding, to prevent investors from going elsewhere, the Bank argued.” (Dupuy 2010)  According to Dupuy, foreign investors are attracted to Haiti because many reasons due to their thought of capitalism, such as low wage labor and low tax, Point 3: Disparity in various aspects in a long run polarizes countries, while Haiti locates in a disadvantageous position. Therefore, Haiti and its people suffer a lot man-made disasters and intensify the seriousness of natural…show more content…
Option Zero in Haiti and Disaster capitalism to the rescue: The international community and Haiti after the earthquake prove that capitalism it is not helping Haiti, it is the hinder of its development. Haiti’s Suffering Is a Result of Calculated Impoverishment and Haitian Diaspora Impact on Haitian Socio-Political and Economic Development describe the history and the position of Haiti which cause the country into a worse situation. The five academic articles prove the concerns of Haiti from the past until now, which all the concerns are mostly come from the outside factors, such as globalization, capitalism, and core-and-periphery relationship with developed

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